アーティスト : V.A.
タイトル : the BEST of HARDCORE TANO*C
レーベル : ハードコアタノシー
品番 : TANOCD007

トラック7『Russians (170BPM Ver.) 』とトラック14『Turn Around (New Ver.) 』


TEXT BY M-Project

Nonstop Mega mix (mixed by DJ Technorch)
01.REDALiCE & DJ Technorch / HCT Intro
02.赤いひと / Psychedelic Syndrome 2005
03.MOMENT / Never Regret (Extended Mix)
05.UNTAMED SYSTEM / Do You Like A Beats?
06.RaverRose / STAR
07.M-PROJECT / Russians (170BPM Ver.)
08.テクネチウム / Tc-ma_002
09.テクネチウム / Tc-ma_006
10.Alabaster / Parhelia
11.Betwixt & Between / Invasion
12.RR-ThermalForce / moving flare
13.Betwixt & Between / 7701
14.M-PROJECT feat. JABBAWOCK / Turn Around (New Ver.)
15.男子十二楽坊 / beautiful synergy
16.赤いひと / GABBA TANO*C
17.DJ Technorch / Japanese Hardcore
18.DJ Technorch / GOTHIC SYSTEM 2005
19.Next Tribe / Hardcore-Rave-On
21.zen / KILL YOU
22.kenta-v.ez. / M.s.H. typE.g2
23.kenta-v.ez. / AL!CE-001
24.t+pazolite / I hate you B'cowz I love you
25.m1dy / Face was

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